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How do I leave a group?

Enter the group you would like to leave and click you name in the scoreboard, at the bottom of the page you will find the button ''Leave group'' - click it and you're all set!

Is there an age limit?

There is no age limit for using Sofacup. The service is aimed at everyone who loves sport in general and the World Cup specifically - young and old.

How to I make my group private?

If you want be able to choose whether your group should be kept public or make it private, our group solution Personal Pro is required. This group also includes support from us at Sofacup throughout the whole tournament!

How do I create a group?

Creating a group is super easy and you can create up to 10 groups per tournament!

To create a group, you need to be a registered user and you simply create a group by clicking on "Create new group" in the menu or in other well-chosen places in the system.

What does the scoresheet consist of?

The scoresheet consists of three parts:
- Group play
- Playoffs
- Questions

Do I have to pay to join Sofacup?

Since Sofacup has group options that are completely free, no credit card details or other payment information is required when you create an account in the service and there are no hidden fees. And Sofacup is always completely free from the interference of betting and gambling companies.

Group for my company?

For companies we have our Company group solution! Personal and Personal Pro groups may not be used for commercial purposes - this is made clear when you create a group. Contact us for more information!

Kai and Kaisa?

Kai and Kaisa are our A.I reporters here at Sofacup! During each championship they will be on-site and report on selected games. They will report on important events and happenings from the games such as final results, ball possession, goal attempts and other unexpected twists or performances from the games!